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3. General Support Sites:

3. General Support Sites:

Abuse Counselling

Get Abuse Counselling in Your Area. Find the Help You Need.

F.A.C.T. (Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers)

Provides support to falsely accused and wrongly convicted carers and teachers. A UK wide service.

False Allegations Action Scotland

To increase awareness that false allegations do happen and to make known just how devastating this is for the victim.


FASO is a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse

Fassit UK

FASSIT is a support and information organisation that has grown out of an increasing number of parents (carers, guardians etc) frustrated at attempting to work with Social Services in the best interests of their child/children.

Initially a campaigning organisation looking to change views over the legitimacy and ethics of ‘forced adoption’ the organisation has grown to encompass support for individuals at any point in the investigative processes operated by Social Services.

Forced Adoption (Ian Josephs)

Ian offers a very 'enthusiastic' and personal support for those who have been abused by the system - his web site is a wealth of information which is easy to follow.

Grandparents Action Group UK

Thousands of grandparents across Britain are being denied access to their grandchildren.

Grandparents Action Group UK help maintain and protect the relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren to assist and support Grandparents when contact has been denied or prevented.

Grandparents Apart (Scotland)

We are a self help group dedicated to ease the suffering of grandparents and grandchildren and extended families torn apart.

The Gulag of The Family Courts by Jack Frost

The book the Gulag of the Family Courts has been written from the perspective of an ordinary parent, who along with his wife, was falsely accused of harming his daughter, when in fact she was ill and the doctors knew this to be the case, from the daughter's medical records. It exposes so much that is wrong with the secretive and all too often mallign Family Courts and associated processes.

For more details of this book CLICK HERE

Jan Loxley Blount


Justice for Families

Justice for Families is the Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign. It is chaired by John Hemming MP. It campaigns for a just system of Public Family Law where the right decisions are taken through due process and with proper evidence. Justice for families

Men's Aid

The truth about the family courts and their associated services
contact: Men's Aid, Head Office, 57 Cornwall Grove, Bletchley, Milton
Keynes, MK3 7HX.
Helpline Telephone No: 0871 223 9986
or e-mail:
Web-site Address:
Registered Charity No. 1116309

NSCFC - National Society for Children and Family Contact

Keeping the child in everyone’s life - When a relationship breaks down it isn’t just the partners who suffer. It’s the children who have most to lose; and not just because of the stress of seeing their parents at odds.
Helpline Telephone No: 0870 766 8596
Registered Charity No.1105230
Web-site Address:

'SAFARI' (Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information)

SAFARI provides powerful and positive information for those those who have been affected by false accusations and those who have suffered from being pressurised into making false accusations.

Sex Abuse Legal Services

Information and legal services for victims of severe sexual abuse

Stop Injustice Now

Helping People Fight Miscarriages Of Justice - Ian and Sarah Walton


A voluntary organisation set up by parents to help and support families with children

who are experiencing problems with UK Social Services.


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